REVEALED: 5 Hacks For Doubling Facebook Ads ROAS For Ecommerce Stores

Struggling to improve your ROAS on your own? I'd love to help you gain clarity on how to make FB/IG ads a success for you. A Facebook Ads Review is a video recorded screen walk-through of what's working, what's not and how to improve the results in your ad account. Due to the hands on nature of these reviews, I only do a limited number per week for businesses. Request yours below!

Check out ecommerce case studies where we doubled their Facebook Ads ROAS

$70k+ of Revenue From $9k of Ad Spend: How This Outdoor Gear Company Achieved 8+ ROAS With FB Advertising During Covid-19!

ICEMULE is an ecommerce business that sells insulated backpack coolers for outdoor adventurers. When they started advertising on Facebook on their own, they achieved less than a 1 ROAS (i.e. they were losing money) and spending approximately $1,500 in ad spend per month. After analyzing their account, our team at Tintle Digital Marketing identified several areas that were being severely underutilized and which could potentially double that return on ad spend, such as: finding new untapped audiences, advanced retargeting, videos, improving ad copy and expanding into more dynamic product ads. 

Sure enough, after we implemented our ecommerce strategy, ICEMULE was able to achieve more than 6x return on ad spend during Black Friday 2019 and over 8x ROAS during a spring sale in May 2020. Furthermore, because we were increasing the return for ICEMULE, we were able to increase the $1,500 in monthly ad spend to over $10,000 in monthly ad spend!

ICEMULE made 600+ more monthly sales than they were all because of TDM's Facebook advertising strategy for ecommerce. 

From 0 to 4+ ROAS: How This FB Ads Strategy Turned $27K Into $118K For This Luxury Bedding Store!

In 2019, our client Muslin Comfort started a desirable, high-quality, luxury muslin bedding company but was struggling to get new customers besides friends and family. Once we put together this effective strategy and started running enticing ads that got new customers to buy, this Shopify store turned a profit! 

Our client now gets to focus exclusively on doing what she does best, selling a wonderful product, while we bring in a plethora of ready-to-buy potential customers exclusively through Facebook advertising. From December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020, we turned $27,000 in ad spend into $118,000 in revenue!

Facebook advertising was the missing piece that made this business wildly profitable!

How This Ecommerce Biz Made Over $102k of Revenue From $15k of Ad Spend (A 6+ ROAS)
DURING The Coronavirus Pandemic!

Stitch People is an ecommerce business that offers modern and fun cross-stitching resources. Their popular DIY cross-stitch book is a comprehensive guide to designing and stitching your own cross-stitch characters!

Prior to bringing Tintle Digital Marketing on board to fully manage their ad campaign, they were running FB ads in-house. While this was working well enough for them, they didn’t feel like they were properly optimizing the ads or doing all that they could do with their FB advertising campaign.

We turned $15,457.11 of ad spend into $102,380.20 in revenue over 2.5 months, DURING the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s not all, we also brought in purchases at just $4.74 on average, and the campaign achieved a 6.62 ROAS overall. This is a HUGE win for Stitch People! Many ecommerce businesses are thrilled to see a 3 ROAS, but having a ROAS of 6.62 is FANTASTIC!

Outsourcing their FB advertising to experts really paid off for this ecommerce biz! 

Tintle Digital Marketing (TDM) is a boutique agency offering Facebook and Instagram advertising resources and services for ecommerce businesses on Shopify.

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