How This Winning FB Ads Strategy Turned $27K Into $118K For This Luxury Bedding Shopify Store
[In Less Than 60 Days]
Muslin Comfort sells luxuriously dreamy muslin bedding. While this is normally associated with only baby products, Muslin Comfort is bringing a new trend to the bedding industry: temperature-regulating and uber soft muslin cotton bedding and products for the whole family. 

When we were approached by Muslin Comfort they had never ran Facebook ads before and didn't even have an established conversion rate on their Shopify site. This means we had to start from scratch!

The Problem 

Simply put, this store needed customers, sales so that they could turn a profit. If you're in this same boat and if you're running Facebook ads for your store currently or if you never have, listen up!

The Solution

Muslin Comfort had a problem of no traffic and no customers outside of friends/family, and they came to the ecommerce Facebook ads experts at Tintle Digital Marketing to help solve it. Simply put, to get their business off the ground, they needed the right traffic and sales. Here are 5 ways we achieved these results for this store: 

1. Irresistible Promotion: First, we immediately knew that Muslin Comfort would need an irresistible promotion to draw new customers to their products. New customers are generally the most difficult to convert and thus it requires thoughtful planning with your campaign. We helped them come up with a stand-out promotion for first-time buyers: up to 25% off their first order. This got new customers easily in the door with a compelling incentive. 

PRO TIP: If you're running ads for an ecommerce store and struggling to get new customers in the door, start testing first-time customer promotions! We recommend no less than 15% off, if you want to try a percentage off. Alternatively, you could test a dollar amount off, typically no less than $10 off. Other ideas include: buy one get one free, buy one get one half off, free-trials, a free item with any order, or free shipping. In addition to testing a first-time customer promotion, make sure to test MORE than just one promotion in order to find the most successful one for your target audience.

2. Proven Campaign Strategy: In order to get off on the right foot with an ad campaign, we had to develop a sound strategy that would bring in the highest ROAS.  It was important to remember that we had to take the customer on a clear journey through purchasing and couldn't expect everyone to purchase immediately. 

With Muslin Comfort, we first introduced cold audiences to their most promising product, shared the benefits, and dangled the enticing promotion (25% off!) in front of them. We ran ads to cold audiences with primarily add to cart optimization, engagement optimization (to build social proof), and purchase optimization for these cold audiences. Afterwards, if anyone didn't buy, we held their hand along a retargeting journey via add to cart and purchase conversion optimized ads which included: powerful testimonials from new happy customers, their special free-trial offer, additional attention-grabbing features of their #1 product, and a direct call-to-action to purchase with urgency.  

3. High Converting Website: If a site isn't ready to receive and convert the right traffic, then the campaign simply won't be as profitable as it could be. This was one gamble we took with Muslin Comfort since, as a brand new store and site, they didn't have an established conversion rate yet. After evaluating their website, product, and target market ourselves, we determined that it was likely that the website would be converting at a reasonable rate once we started sending traffic to it. 

And we were right! The conversion rate for the website fluctuated between 1 and 2% in the beginning, which is an excellent start. 

PRO TIP: This is probably the most underrated aspect of a successful Facebook ad campaign! If we send tons of super qualified, interested, and ready-to-buy potential customers via Facebook ads to a website with a low conversion rate, it will be difficult to achieve a good ROAS. In other words, you won't get as high of an ROI/ROAS with a low conversion rate (generally under 1%) on a website. 💻 

Now, to clarify, this doesn't mean you shouldn't run ads to a brand new website without an established conversion rate or one that's below 1%. You'll just need to expect that the testing will take longer and it will be more difficult to achieve your ideal ROAS and revenue goals. 

4. Sufficient Budget: Last but not least, a sufficient budget for A/B testing all aspects of the campaign was a MUST to see any kind of true success. Simply put, our efforts and dedication to A/B testing is how we quickly achieved an awesome ROAS! If we didn't test all aspects of the campaign, we wouldn't have been able to discover exactly what would make Muslin Comfort the most amount of money. For A/B testing with Muslin Comfort, we started with approximately $60/day or $2000 per month in ad spend. With this budget, we were able to effectively pinpoint: 

✔️Which product images with text overlay were most appealing to their target audience.
✔️The ad copy (long, short, emoji's, etc) generated the most amount of clicks to the website. (We've tested over 600 ads alone!).
✔️Cold audiences that were most interested and ready to buy.
✔️The best performing placements (Facebook mobile, Instagram stories, etc.).
✔️The ad optimizations that brought in the most traffic at the lowest cost, such as add to cart conversion optimization and purchase conversion optimization. 
✔️The links (product or homepage) brought in the highest ROAS. 

See, only a very small percentage of campaigns can actually be wild successes at first even with a solid plan. Even then, they still require A/B testing to discover which aspects of the FB ad campaign bring in the best results. Just as important as it is to discover what does work, we have to discover what doesn't work with the campaign. For example, you might discover that you have to pivot and thus A/B test an alternate strategy that will bring in the highest ROAS. A/B testing is how any business will be able to get the highest ROAS and CPA. 

PRO TIP: We recommend budgeting for at least $2000 per month to spend on ads in order to effectively A/B test your audiences, ad copy, ad images, ad videos, placements, optimizations and more. You can spend less than this amount monthly but, to be honest, it will take significantly longer and be much more challenging to achieve the results you want to see. Trust us, after working on dozens of Facebook ad campaigns over the years, the patience required with less than $2k monthly ad spend will be brutal! 

For an exclusive sneak-peek inside Facebook ad manager of this campaign, watch this short video below!
We Generated A 400%+ Return In Just A Few Weeks!

The Result

After launching this new campaign for their new business, we saw an average ROAS of 4.5! Plus, several ads with retargeting (aka warm) audiences had a ROAS in the double digits (some above 10 and some even above 20-30!).  These numbers are fantastic on their own since most business owners would be thrilled with a 3x or above ROAS. But considering this is a brand new site and there was no established conversion rate before the ads, these numbers are phenomenal!

Better yet, over the course of 60 days during the holiday season 2019, our Facebook advertising campaign ended up generating well over $118,000 in revenue for them!

Services We Offered 

Our involvement included:  

✔️Implementing a proven Facebook ad campaign strategy for luxury ecommerce stores. 
✔️Extensive A/B testing of audiences, placements, creative and promotions in order to achieve 4.5+  ROAS.
✔️Creating effective ad image designs with eye-catching product photos and scroll-stopping first-time customer promotions. 
✔️Displaying attention-grabbing customer reviews in front of the right Facebook audiences who had interest in natural materials.
✔️Highlighting the best and most appealing benefits to muslin bedding.
✔️Using close ups of the muslin cotton fabric in short, catchy videos.
✔️Advanced scaling of ad spend above $20,000 per month and growing with a high average ROAS.
We help Shopify ecommerce stores generate more sales and a higher ROAS with Facebook advertising. Get in touch today to find out if we can help double your ROAS and convert new customers for your ecommerce business through Facebook advertising! 
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