REVEALED: How We Got 42 New Guitar Student Leads In 1 Month With Only $500 In Ad Spend

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Hi! 👋 My name is Camille Tintle and I helped turn my husband’s local guitar teaching business into a profitable 6-figure business through Facebook ads. We almost exclusively used FB ads to get new students for him and easily generated over 42 new leads in a single month with just $500, as I’ll explain to you below. But before I tell you about the super easy system we built, let me give you the super quick rundown on who I am.  

I’ve been running FB ad campaigns for a living for the past 7 years, I’ve managed over $5M in ad spend and generated over $4M in revenue for my clients during 2020 alone. I’m also an Expert Vetted Agency on Upwork, which is the largest online marketplace for freelancers, agencies and businesses. That means we’re the top 1% of talent on there and it’s invite only. Check out the video above to see my profile and Expert Vetted Badge. Typically when we build ad campaigns for clients, we see double digit that when we put in a dollar into FB, it often generates at least $10. As a frame of reference, most businesses are happy with a 3x ROI….but 10 is insane. 🤑
Now, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you exactly how we can generate 42 leads with less than $500 in ad spend. It’ll only take me 5 minutes. It’s so simple. Here’s how it goes...

First, we put together a FB ad in front of a local audience of people who’ve expressed an interest in guitar. This ad has a few key elements that are important:
  • It has a promotion, not just a free lesson, but something more interesting. We like offering 2 free bonus lessons to students who signed up for a monthly lesson package. It’s easy to offer and appealing to potential students who want to learn. You definitely need to offer something intriguing to tip people over the edge to actually reaching out to you!  
  • It uses a specific copywriting formula that is to the point, no fluff, and appeals to people looking for lessons. You need to be clear about who you are, what you offer, and why they’ll be interested. Mention guitar A redundant.
  • ​Don’t ask for people to call you, because that’s not going to work with FB ads. See, on FB, most people aren’t actively looking for lessons. You need to create an EASY form for them to fill out so that YOU can contact them afterwards. Lower the barrier as much as possible. Literally tell them to fill out the form if they’re interested in the promotion
  • Use a top performing image of someone with a guitar. We tested so many and came back to THIS 1 stock photo and it’s free in ad manager on Facebook!
Here’s how this works once you have the ad put together: This is all via FB lead ads, which means that you don’t have to send them to your website or a form outside of FB. It’s all on Facebook. Now, lead ads can be controversial in the FB ads world, but that’s because most people don’t know how to use them effectively to get the best results. Remember 42 leads with just $500? This is exclusively with lead ads. I don’t recommend an external lead generation page….just use this easy system because it will generate the most leads at the lowest cost.
Most people complain about FB lead ad leads not responding, but it’s only because they don’t have an effective follow up system in place. Here’s how to make it work: we have Facebook lead ads connected to a text automation so that the lead gets a text message as soon as they fill out the form. This is the secret sauce! 📣 

Click on the image below to see each step in this funnel visually. 
Next? You’ll start getting responses from these leads via text message and then you can take them through your sales process from there.  
Now, my husband’s lessons were not cheap and he turned away a lot of business from the leads we generated simply because they couldn’t afford his lessons. But this system was STILL extremely profitable for him. So if you charge his same amount ($350/mo) or less, this could be just as profitable for you too. In fact, if you charge $100 per month, this could be a game changer for your business because it's typically much easier to convert leads for lower cost lessons. That means that if you get 1 new student from just $100 of spend, but let’s say that student stays with you for 6 months, you just made $500. Pretty great, huh? Imagine if you got 2 students from $100 in ad spend, you just made $1000. That’s a huge 10x ROI. 
So there it is….super simple. In all honesty, you could totally take this framework I just shared with you and you could set it up yourself. It absolutely works. But there are specific parts of this funnel that we’ve spent thousands of dollars (over $14K!) on in order to fine tune it and so we understand what is most cost effective and what elicits the best results. We’ve tweaked it a lot over the years. 

I also know that FB ads can be super complicated and not everyone wants to figure out how to do it on their own. You’ve probably tried navigating FB ad manager, gotten completely confused or overwhelmed, maybe you’ve run some ads that sent people to a lead gen form outside of FB….maybe it didn’t work at all or it was far too expensive. The fact is, most music teachers don’t run FB ads because they don’t know how to do it and don’t have a system that works to get new students. But we’re proof of it working, our system works, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive or out of reach for you. See, I’m sure you want to do what you love best, teaching and playing guitar-- and not spending your time trying to figure out FB ads?
Right now, we're offering a new year special where we’ll set up this ENTIRE SYSTEM FOR YOU for just a fraction of what it’s worth. If you take advantage of this 50% OFF sale, you could get a plug and play system that lets you have control over how many new students you get each month, rather than hoping for referrals or not knowing where your next new student will come from. This system is easy to manage and it’s extremely fact we shouldn’t be charging so little, but we know how challenging it is to build a local business and want to offer some kind of help during this pandemic. 
If you’re interested in having us set up this system for you and starting 2021 off right, click the link below to learn more. Otherwise, I sincerely hope this quick tutorial was helpful and I highly encourage you to try setting up this system for yourself with the framework I gave you. If you follow it, it has the potential to generate more leads for your business than you can handle, which I know is what EVERY guitar teacher wants! 😍
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