How I went from zero Students to A Fully BOOKED Guitar Teaching Calendar
All Because Of This Extremely Profitable & Proven Facebook Advertising System
In 2016, I started a local guitar teaching business. I had been a guitarist for over 15 years and was ready to help aspiring musicians learn how to play, but had no idea how to actually get guitar students. 

My wife had been working in marketing and advertising for about 5 years and decided to use her skillset to help me figure out a way to get new students. After a lot of trial and error, she developed an impressive lead generation system through Facebook ads that sent me interested students ready to learn guitar and sign up for my lessons. After that, I was making a profit!

When I started teaching, this was only a side gig. I was working full-time sales and could not wait to quit. With the Facebook ads strategy that she created for me, I was able to fully book my guitar teaching calendar and quit my sales job within just 1 year to exclusively teach guitar.

If we didn't use this system, I would still be at my old job. It is the reason I'm able to do what I love! Facebook advertising was the missing piece that made my dream wildly profitable and turned it into a 6-figure guitar teaching business.
Not Getting enough New Students For yOUR Guitar Teaching business? 
Acquiring new students is one of the hardest parts of being in this business. You want to focus on what you do best -- showing students how to strum or master fingerpicking -- and not have to worry about how you're going to actually get new students to pay for lessons. 

Maybe you've dabbled a little in Facebook ads on your own but haven't found the results that you want. Many businesses that try Facebook advertising without following a proven system for their niche are unsuccessful and believe that it just doesn't work for them or is too expensive. 99% of the time this isn't true! And I'm here to tell you: FACEBOOK ADS WORK FOR GUITAR TEACHING BUSINESSES. It is how I grew from zero dollars in revenue to 6-figures. 

See, if you don't have a strong background in marketing, Facebook advertising is extremely difficult to master for guitar teaching businesses without guidance. It takes years of managing multiple campaigns, thousands of dollars in ad spend, and insight in order to craft a predictable system that produces a significant return on investment.  Most importantly, music teachers can't run just any Facebook ad; they need to use a Facebook advertising strategy specifically designed for guitar teaching businesses.   
don't make these mistakes
Trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own or without guidance can get really ugly for your guitar teaching business, including...

 You waste way too much money using the wrong types of ads or funnel. 
 You waste too much time with trial and error.
 You might get your ad account banned and can no longer advertise on Facebook. This happens often for inexperienced advertisers!
 You won't get a high return on investment or, worse, you won't get ANY guitar student leads.
You need the right strategy and insight
The solution to Facebook ads that "aren't working" or are not generating enough guitar student leads, is using the right strategy, insight, and system into effectively using this difficult platform. This is the only way you're going to find the results that you need to grow your guitar teaching business.
learn Exactly how to Get NEW Guitar Student Leads With Our Done For You System setup: Facebook Ads For Guitar Teachers
After my wife developed a Facebook advertising strategy that grew my guitar teaching business to 6-figures, she taught me the ins and outs of this strategy so that we could -- together -- help other guitar teachers get new leads just like me. We're now setting up this SAME funnel for fellow guitar teachers so they can repeat our results for their own businesses! Instead of remaining frustrated with a non-booked teaching schedule or spending hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on your own, purchase this FB ads system today to learn how to predictably generate new guitar student leads.  If you want to run a profitable Facebook advertising campaign for your guitar teaching business without the guesswork and start getting new students, you simply can't afford not to get this done-for-you setup today.
How Our Facebook Ad Systems help our clients
Bill J.
Verified Purchase
"I needed to come up to speed quickly on Facebook advertising and Camille was a knowledgeable and helpful guide. She does not just know her stuff; she helps you figure out how to leverage FB advertising in the context of your business and assets. Thank you, Camille!"
Ross G.
Verified Purchase
"I had an extremely positive experience working with Camille on several [Facebook advertising] projects. Not only is she highly skilled, but her communication is the best I've ever experienced. And of course, this has consistently led to campaign success! It is truly a pleasure working with Camille!"
Ross L.
Verified Purchase
"Camille is a true Facebook ad pro. She went way beyond expectations and was super efficient in her work. I highly recommend her."
We're Experts At Making Facebook Ads Profitable For Guitar Lesson Businesses
My wife, Camille, has built and managed the Facebook ad lead generation system that brings me guitar students through Facebook ads. In fact, our system revealed in this training has produced a 2000+% ROI for my guitar teaching business at just under $500 in ad spend per month! 

What are her credentials and how is she so qualified to share this system? In addition to successfully generating new guitar students for musicians who offer guitar lessons, she has spent the last 7+ years specializing exclusively in Facebook advertising and  has directly managed over $5 million in ad spend with her Facebook advertising agency. She is also Expert-Vetted on Upwork, the largest online work marketplace, with a 100% success score and 5-star average feedback rating. 
What's Included In Our Done For You system Setup: Facebook Ads For Guitar Teachers
Want to know what's involved in our setup? Here's exactly what we'll do...
Facebook Business Manager & Ad Account
If you don't already have a Facebook Business Manager account (i.e. the business side of Facebook) or an ad account, no worries! We'll send you easy instructions on how to set this up yourself OR we can set it up for you...but we'll need your Facebook login & password in order to do this. Having a business manager account, ad account and Facebook page are all required for this system to work. 

We'll also make sure you're compliant with required ad account tasks that -- if not completed before running your Facebook ads with this system -- could put your ad account at risk of being shut down. 
We'll set up the right local audience that targets people in your region who are actually interested in taking guitar lessons. 
We'll create 2 effective ads with top performing ad copy, images and promotions that get the most attention from the top performing audiences and more potential guitar students interested.  
Lead Form
We'll set up the exact lead ad form that we use that gets the most amount of interested guitar student leads at the lowest cost. 
In order to sync the lead ad form entires to the texting software that will trigger an automatic text message upon someone submitting the form, we'll connect a third-party integration software for you. 

We will require you to create a free account with this third-party integration software and you'll need to share your credentials with us in order for us to set this up. 
Automatic Texting Software
We'll set up an effective automatic text message in an SMS software that we use to get the most amount of lead responses. 

We will require you to create your own account with this SMS software, and you'll need to share your credentials with us in order for us to set this up. This SMS software is extremely affordable, there is no monthly fee, and is only pay as you go (typically only 4 cents per outgoing automatic text). 
Once everything in this system is set up and connected, we'll run a test with the lead ad, the lead ad form, the integration, and texting system to ensure it's all working smoothly and ready to go for you!
Step-By-Step Video Walk through
Once the entire system is set up within just 1 week, we'll provide you with a video walk through showing you how to it all works together, the best practices for replying to leads via the texting software, how to reply via the texting software, and our top tips for managing this system on your own. 
Keep in mind that you will need to provide the following after ordering and before we set up this system for you: admin ad account access, admin page access, create 2 new accounts that you'll own (integration and texting software), share login information for the 2 new accounts, and create a privacy policy on your website. These items are required for this system to be set up but we will walk you through each of those steps so it's EASY for you! 
Order now to start Getting 
Guitar Student Leads With facebook ads
Exclusive Offer: The Done For You System For Getting NEW Guitar Student Leads With Facebook Ads
$500 $250
 Get a professional, proven system that created a 6-figure guitar teaching business
 Audiences, ads, integrations, and automatic text set up
 Checklist for how to run the ads for your business
 Video instructions on how the system works and best practices for getting optimal results with minimal ad spend
 Done for you within just 1 week
Facebook Ad Account Review + Ads and audiences
 Facebook Ad Account Review
 3 Done-For-You Facebook Ads
 Audience Research
 3 New Audiences To Target
Austin B., Cultivated Culture
Verified Purchase
"Camille did a fantastic job of identifying areas of opportunity within my account and explaining them in a way that made it easy to understand and implement. Planning to rehire shortly!"
Ross L.
Verified Purchase
"Camille is a true Facebook ad pro. She went way beyond expectations and was super efficient in her work. I highly recommend her."
Jessica C.
Verified Purchase
"Camille did an amazing job helping me grow my email list using Facebook Ads and is so easy to work with! We worked together to make my ads and offers even more effective and I am beyond grateful for her guidance. Thank you so much!"
Angela L.
Verified Purchase
"Camille did an exceptional job. If you need to get on track regarding your digital profile she is the one to hire. I highly recommend her. The quality of her work for a marketing consultant/strategist is top ranking. Thanks, Camille."
Garrett M.
Verified Purchase
"Camille did a great job installing the Facebook pixels. This was an area I was having trouble with, but she quickly came in and fixed the problem."
Rebecca R.
Verified Purchase
"I have already recommended Camille to a few of my most switched on entrepreneurial business friends. Camille took over for me, planned my future and met all my strategic and tactical goals. She masterfully educated me on what was needed, did everything she could to make the changes easy for me and took time out to make sure I understood. Her work far and away outstripped my aims and I will hire her again once my new website is finished. A delight to deal with and master of her field."
Bill J. 
Verified Purchase
"I needed to come up to speed quickly on Facebook advertising and Camille was a knowledgeable and helpful guide. She does not just know her stuff; she helps you figure out how to leverage FB advertising in the context of your business and assets. Thank you, Camille!"
Jeff Z.
Verified Purchase
"We’ve been working with Camille since April of 2016 and couldn’t be more thrilled with her work and the results we’re experiencing. We’ve gone from no Facebook marketing to Facebook marketing being one our primary sources of business. Camille has worked closely with us to insure our goals are met, is open to new ideas and provides regular communication regarding her work. Her experience also allows her to guide us along the way in a manner that allows us to realize the most from her work and marketing experience. We find her to be very approachable and professional. 
We highly recommend Camille and her services."
Joe B. 
Verified Purchase
“Where do I start? Camille did a fantastic job building our social media platforms from basically nothing to thousands of followers. She created content for our website, launched and managed our blog, and found incredibly effective ways to engage our target audience through Facebook ads. She is extremely well organized and is a very good communicator. 
She is by far the best freelancer we have worked with and I highly recommend her!”
Joe J.
Verified Purchase
"It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much!"
Tessa T
Verified Purchase
"I can't say enough about my time working with Camille. 
Camille created an incredibly valuable, tailored marketing strategy for my business in preparation for our launch last year. Her expertise was been integral in growing our email list - even with a limited budget. Camille’s marketing knowledge and proficiency was critical in helping me optimize our website, newsletter and social media channels while delivering consistent branding and high-quality content. 
I was very grateful for Camille's openness to brainstorming and sharing any ideas, tactically or strategically, that could help our business succeed. Working with Camille was terrific and I am fortunate to have had her contribution to our team for over two years!"
Maria L.
Verified Purchase
"Camille consulted me and reviewed the website and FB ads, provided useful feedback. Now I need to implement her suggestions to make everything work properly! Once that will be done, I'm considering doing another consultation to see what else could be improved. Thank you for your help~"
Is Facebook advertising right for my guitar teaching business?
Most guitar teaching businesses struggle on their own with Facebook advertising and think that it just doesn't work for them. But the real problem is that running Facebook ads without a system specific to guitar lessons businesses is a huge waste of money. We've spent thousands of dollars perfecting our system for a 6-figure guitar teaching business and are dedicated to helping other teachers find the same success with FB ads. This system works and is exactly how we were able to get 42 guitar student leads with just $500 in ad spend in 1 month. 
Why is Facebook advertising better than traditional advertising?
Facebook ads allow you to intentionally target your ideal guitar student customer anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This hyper-targeting allows us to show ads ONLY to people interested in guitar; this produces much warmer leads than with traditional advertising such as newspaper, flyers, radio and TV. With Facebook advertising, you have the ability to target an audience based on their demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences, and behaviors. 
Do I have to do anything before you setup the system?
Yes, in order for us to set up this system for you, we do require specific access from you before we begin. This includes either your Facebook login (username and password), if you prefer, or sharing admin access with us. We also require you to share with us your login credentials for your new integration account and texting software accounts. After you place your order, we'll tell you exactly how to share access and which accounts to create. 
Are there any additional costs?
Yes, we do require you to create an account with a specific texting software. They offer pay-as-you-go pricing with fees typically as low as 4 center per outgoing text message. In any given month, we typically don't spend more than $20 on our texting software account, so it's extremely affordable! Keep in mind that this is a separate cost from our service. 

Also, don't forget your ad spend! This is also a separate cost from our service. We recommend that you spend about $500-$1000 per month on your ads -- but you can always do more or less if you'd like. So we just advise that you make sure you're ready to invest monthly in Facebook advertising before you purchase this done-for-you system. Marketing is always a risk -- and that includes Facebook advertising -- so you do need to keep that in mind as well. But with a proven system that works for guitar teachers, you've removed a bunch of risk right from the get go!
What should I do if I have questions or issues later and need help?
We're here to help! Just shoot us a quick email to or and we'll discuss your options. 
How long should I expect it to take before I get my 1st lead?
This can vary. Sometimes it can take a day, other times it can take a week or more. It's best not to expect immediate results, especially since it can take some time for the Facebook algorithm to settle in. Plus, if you're spending just $5/day, a low daily ad spend, that makes this a slower process. While you're just getting started, it may take you until you've spent about $100 to get your first lead, however, it's typically much quicker than that!
Is there a guarantee?
Yes! We know this system works and that it will bring in guitar student leads. Therefore, we guarantee that it will start bringing in leads when you spend at least $500 on ad spend or your money back. We cannot, however, guarantee an amount of monthly leads nor a particular cost per lead since there are many things that factor into this cost, including but not limited to your management of the ads themselves.
After you set up the ads, can you run them for me?
Absolutely! After we set up the system for you, we can discuss having us run the ads for you for a monthly fee. Otherwise, we do provide you with some resources for managing the ads on your own after we set up the system for you. 
We're the ones helping you
Meet the team at Tintle Digital Marketing! We've been specializing in Facebook advertising since 2014 and teaching guitar since 2016. We're here to share the EXACT system that grew our guitar school from scratch.
Camille Tintle, Owner of Tintle Digital Marketing and Facebook Ad Expert
Andrew Tintle,
Lead Instructor At Roseville Guitar Lessons
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